Mission – Be a contributing member of a team that carries out our Nation’s most significant missions. 

Training / Certifications (Military/Commercial) – A priority is placed on both military and civilian education. In addition to required service schools, unit members are afforded the opportunity to attend a variety of training that personally and professionally develops them.  


·   Military schools include:

-Airborne School

-Jumpmaster School

- Air Assault

- Pathfinder


JCU values technical certifications for its service members. JCU will provide training though vendor boot camps, CBT Nugget video accounts, or book purchases. When the service member is ready to test, JCU will purchase the test voucher at no cost to the member. They can take the examination at JCU’s Pearson Vue test center. 


     Certifications include but not limited to:

- Security Plus



- VmWare




Formal Education – JCU has partnered with the Fayetteville Technical Community College and the University of Charleston, WV to award college credit for the training you receive during Special Operations School of Information Technology courses. 


State of the art gym and facilities - In addition to the many gym facilities spread across Fort Liberty, JCU has access to its own state-of-the-art facilities which include a team of physical therapists and strength coaches.


Peers of the highest caliber – Everyone is selectively assigned to JCU. Each member of the team, from the admin specialists to the motor pool mechanics are assessed for their suitability in the unit.


Extensive budget - JCU is appropriately resourced to accomplish their assigned mission. From the communications gear to each service member's end items, you will have everything you need to get the job done.


Special pays and allowances - While assigned to JCU, you will receive additional pays based on your skill set and level of responsibility. You will earn $300-$400 per month in Special Duty Pay, if you are Airborne you will earn $150 per month, and you will also collect an annual allowance to purchase civilian clothing.


TAD/TDY duration - On average, you will deploy for up to 6 out of every 18 months. There may be additional TDY requirements that you must take part in but most are scheduled well in advance to allow for leave and family planning.


Service component specific controlled tour - Due to the training you receive while in JCU, we ask for an initial 4-year commitment to the organization. Most service members elect to serve that and more. If you are a Marine you can serve a total of 5 years. If you are Navy or Air Force you are allowed 2 one-year extensions for a total of 6 years. If you are in the Army, you can submit for one-year extensions as long as you are showing upward progression and mobility.


Increased promotion rates - JCU regularly sees significantly higher promotion rates throughout the Senior NCO population then that of conventional service force.