The Joint Communications Unit application process consists of three phases and requires dedicated time and effort from an applicant. Since each service has unique PCS requirements, we have built in some flexible parameters. Use this as a guide to ensure all necessary information is submitted.


Ideally, interested candidates should submit their application 12-15 months out from their eligible rotation date, but we will accept them outside of this window and work with you and your particular situation. We encourage you to contact the recruiting team with any questions.

- Enlisted candidates E5 and up; highly skilled E4s will be screened on a case-by-case basis.

- Service member must be able to obtain a Top Secret (SCI) clearance.

- USA MOS: 25A, 25B, 25H, 25U, 25S, 94E, 94W, 18E, 91B, 92A, 92Y, 42A, 255A, 255N

- USAF AFSC: 1D7X1A, 1D7X1B, 1D7X1E, 1D7X1R, 1D791, 17D, 1B4X1, 2S0X1, 3F0X1


- USMC MOS (Active Duty Only): 0621, 0629, 0631, 0639, 0671, 0679, 17XX, 2841, 2862, 0699 

Phase I

Candidate completes and returns application package with the following:

  - Copies of last five evaluations or as many as you have
  - Copy of Records Review – Army - Soldier Talent Profile/SRB/ERB/ORB; Air Force - SURF, Fitness Record; Navy - Enlisted Summary Report (ESR), PRIMS Data; Marines – BIR, BTR, Awards Page and MBS
  - Copy of Physical Fitness Test taken within 30 days of application submission
  - Candidate’s leadership completes and submits the Leader Evaluation Form

 Phase II

- The Recruiter conducts an initial screening of the application for completeness

- Packet is forwarded to the Personnel Section for Branch/Detailer/Monitor approval

- Packet is screened by the Chain of Command for approval

- Medical record screening

- Candidate is notified of approval/disapproval for Phase III


Phase III

Candidate is brought TDY to Ft Liberty, NC (funded by JCU):

- Physical Fitness Assessment (Candidates will take a physical assessment consisting of 2 minutes of PushUps, 2 minutes of SitUps, PullUps, a 3-mile Run, and a Ruck Sack March)

- Psychological Evaluation 

- Technical Evaluations

- Security Screening

- Candidate appears before JCU Selection Board 


You formally enter the recruiting process when we receive all items identified in Phase I. For Phase III, you are brought TDY/TAD to the unit (funded by JCU). The JCU recruiter will coordinate your on-site activities and answer your questions. Our selection board consists of members from various elements within JCU. You will be notified if you are eliminated from consideration for any reason.


If you have questions not addressed here contact the JCU Recruiting Team:


Commercial #: 910-951-0203

From Govt Phone DSN #: 312-951-0203





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Screening Dates



27th November - 1 December 2023


22nd - 26th January 2024


12th - 16th February 2024


11th - 15th March 2024


15th - 19th April 2024


13th - 17th May 2024


10th - 14th June 2024